Vunkwan Tam/Selected Works


Selected Works:



Untitled (Woman on Horse)

La Fortuna Fayenza

may you have neither dew nor rain, may no showers fall on your terraced fields



Hungers Prevention

Nothing will be signed after the 13th of February, 1818

13 Bees


lest you-will-strike against-the-stone your-foot

Untitled (You Control Climate Change)

Untitled (a shadow falls upon my leg)


12 (The angel leaving Tobias and his family)


L. O.

Untitled (Two Kayaks)

Spoiled, My New Wine

Untitled (The First 10 Years)

Untitled (Mob)

Untitled (The traffic noise arched over a bubbling mass of public conversation and pattering footsteps on concrete)

Untitled (IIIII, a Quiet Life)

Untitled (Two Baby Chairs)

Untitled (Today We Must Savour)

Untitled (Fruits of Labour)

Untitled (Fish Fin and Two Sockets)

Untitled (dyed wools cotton threads bone chips human hair saw dust synthetic fibres dried blood cigarette ashes dead skin bread crusts)

Untitled (A billionaire unveils an electric truck styled after a 1996 polygon render)

Untitled (00044 N.O.W.R.F.Y.H.)

Untitled (Fat Shoes)

It was not good in my garden that year/ It was not good in my garden/ I am not brave/ I am a merchant/ My trade was bad for me/ But for my family and for my fearful son, Drake/ It sure looked like bravery/ But it was not good in my garden that year/ It was not good in my garden